06 April, 2014

Fierce Reads Tour - Spring 2014

Is the Fierce Reads tour coming near you?

Check out the May and June cities and dates at

You can also read excerpts and watch trailers on the website. 

Now normally, I'd only be really excited if they were coming to my area, and you may have noticed that Los Angeles is NOT on either list! However, I'm fairly certain that if you beg (i.e. Tweet and comment on Facebook) while the Spring Tours are going on, Macmillan might consider sending their Fierce authors to your neck of the woods in the Fall. 

At least, I'm totally hoping it works that way, so I turned on notifications for both Twitter and Facebook, haha :) Make sure you @Fiercereads #Fiercereads and *ahem* #LosAngeles! (or, you know, wherever you are, but hopefully L.A. :P)

Stay tuned tomorrow for a review of Ava Dellaria's Love Letters to the Dead

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