02 March, 2014

Getting The Words Out (5)

A weekly post about writing and life in general

It's been a while, I know. Life has been a little bit bonkers. My mom had a stroke and I hopped on a plane to Manila. A week ago I was worried that I had a lot to do to prepare for events in April, and now I might not be in Los Angeles by the time the events are supposed to happen. So it goes. 

My mom is recovering, but only to prepare for more surgery a month from now, which also means... I'm gonna be here for a month or more. 

It's not terrible, just different. I get to eat delicious food, hang out with my awesome family, and look after my Mama. I am not reading much (though I got through a good chunk of my book club title for the month while on the plane). I brought books anyway and am trying to refrain from buying anything. Ha!

Today I started laughing out loud because I was hurriedly trying to mop dog pee off the floor. My family has two cute-as-a-button, but also very messy, Shih Tzus--and relatives were on their way over for lunch. It was only then that it really struck me how calmly I am taking all of this. I was thinking about crisis modes and childhood. I thought about chores and culture shock. I thought about my love-and-not-so-much-love relationship with my mother country. I came up with about a dozen writing prompts and titles.

Possible essays:

  • Keep Calm Because Panicking Really Does Nothing for Anyone 
  • Nothing Is Forbidden: Our Complex Relationships with Food
  • Water Pressure: Unpleasant Showers and Other Consequences
  • Don't Squash the Cockroaches and Other Advice I Never Thought I'd Hear
  • My Mom's Tumor and What It May Have to Do with An Impending Giant Robot Battle

I can't wait to hunker down and write these. But they will have to wait until I've put away the dishes and chop up these mangoes for salsa before they go bad.

Who am I kidding; I'm tired and a bit jet-lagged still, so I'm going to go check Instagram and call it a night. 

Here is a fluffy dog. 

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