23 February, 2014

Stacked (17)

Stacked is our sister-site's weekly mailbox-sharing feature.

An event I so look forward to and can't attend every year, the SCIBA Children's Literacy Dinner, was held at the Pasadena Hilton tonight. Partly I love it because I get to meet authors and talk books for hours. Partly I love it because there are so many people attending who have been a part of Bridge to Books in some way or another. I really am looking forward to their next big event--and if you live in the Golden State you can participate too!--California Bookstore Day!

Check out what I got:

Dan Santat had us cracking up with lightbulb jokes and stories about his son who inspired the book The Adventures of Beekle, Natalie Lloyd was her adorable self, Trent Reedy moved me to tears, and John Corey Whaley admirably followed them with a completely improvised speech. I also met Len Vlahos who said he had so much fun writing the guest post I requested for his blog tour.

Five of our Pasadena Teen Book Festival authors were also there: Ann Stampler, Carrie Arcos, Tracy Holczer, Catherine Linka, and Rachel Searles. I'd never met Tracy and Rachel before so it was great to be able to put a face to the name.

I also scored the very last Beekle poster. I know and love the people who were behind me and they would never, ever actually beat me up, but I just *know* they were thinking about it...

Thanks for letting me live. I gotta go read these books!

If you're free Monday night there are a TON of book events happening around town. Check out my last Bridge to Books newsletter for more info.

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