17 January, 2014

Getting the Words Out (4)

A weekly post about writing and life in general

How do you begin?

I keep telling myself I will write some short stories, that I will review these books I have finally read now that I've overcome a reading slump. I will knit this sweater or sew this skirt or bake these cookies. I'm going to draw more and paint. Gosh, I'd love to paint.

I keep planning to finish this fuzzy hat I've been knitting (and have already ripped out once) that I started in October. I get halfway and stop.

Seriously, how do you begin?

I feel like it used to be easy:

Gather necessary materials
Research steps 
Decide on a course of action
Go! Do! Make!

Nowadays I feel like I get to step 2, make a pile of the stuff that I need, then get another great idea and move on to that. 

I seem to be great at moving on.

Maybe what I should be asking is how do you finish something you started? Don't go look at my "currently reading" shelf on Goodreads right now, because I seriously seem to have a problem finishing things, even books that I really really enjoy and can't bear to abandon.

Don't tell me to make a list. You know what happens to lists? I write things down then I forget to read the list, or it goes into a pile and resurfaces months later, when I exclaim, "oh hey! what a great idea" and then I put it in another pile of stuff I'm going to do just as soon as I finish this other project I already started...

I sometimes think I would have conquered the world by now, if only I'd make up my mind to begin.

I already know what you're going to say...

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