09 December, 2013

Poison Princess - Review

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole
Publication date: 2 Nov 2012 by Simon & Schuster
ISBN 10/13: 1442436646 | 9781442436640

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Category: Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy
Keywords: Tarot, Apocalypse, War
Format: eBook, Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook
Source: ARC

Kimberly's Review:

Stay Up All Night.
And that's just what I did.

Eve has visions that she can't understand, and doesn't want to. After being shut away last summer in a mental institution, she is happy to return to school and normal life: her best friend, Mel and her boyfriend Bran. She's popular, pretty and well liked. In rolls Jackson. From the wrong side of town, he looks upon Eve as a pretty rich spoiled brat. Of course they don't get along. Of course he's ridiculously hot.

Leading up to the days of the Apocalypse, we glimpse a look at Eve's life. And once The Flash happens, it all changes. For one, most people have been wiped out, leaving the world without water, without food. And in rides Jackson, warning Eve and her mom, that an army is headed their way, and that they don't want to be in the path when they get there. On the run in a hostile world, Eve must find her Grandmother, and Jackson is sworn to get her there. But not even he knows Eve's true nature. War is brewing between twenty-two kids who have special powers, and there will only be one survivor.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I adored this book. At first, it's a teen book about high school and boys. Then, the Flash and it becomes a Apocalypse book with paranormal elements, boiling chemistry and a fight for life. It is my first Kresley Cole book and won't be my last. I went out the next day to buy book two, Endless Knight, so I wouldn't have to stop reading!

Jackson is one of my favorite characters. He's rough around the edges, typical alpha male. He's complicated, coming from a poor and abusive background and really doesn't say or do the right thing most of the time. Flawed hero worship here I come. Oh and did I mention Jackson speaks French? Sprinkled in the book are French words and phrases, elevating him to hot guy with an accent and speaks a second language. Be. Still. My. Heart.

Eve was getting on my nerves at the beginning, but she quickly grew on me. Her character arc is slow but feels organic, coming into her own powers at her own pace. Long gone is the bratty cheerleader. I really liked how normal she seemed. She's a typical teenager, thinking about losing her virginity to her stable yet clueless boyfriend, Bran. And like any teenager I know, she's worried about it. She's not sure, changes her mind, changes it back. I liked how real that made her, that this was a big decision for her. Their chemistry is off the charts and as this is written by Cole, famous paranormal romance writer, I expected no less.

I was surprised by how much heat was in this YA novel, and pleasantly happy that the emotional and sexual chemistry was so strong. It always seems weird to me when books play that down. Don't you remember 17? Raging hormones, people.

Overall, the book is an exceptionally fun wild ride. It's very creative, the twenty two kids being Major Arcana cards--Tower, Devil, Empress, Death, etc. It made for some really interesting scenes between the characters, and especially Jackson, who is not a Major Arcana.

I can't say good enough things about this book. I am currently reading book two. I can't get enough. Oh, and I have gone back and re-read my favorite parts.

Yeah. I got it bad for ole Jack.

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