12 May, 2013

Stacked (8)

Stacked is our sister site's mailbox sharing weekly feature.

Thanks so much to Courtney Saldana from Ontario's Ovitt Family Community Library for inviting us to their annual Teen Book Fest! My friend David from YABC and I attended yesterday to meet Stephen Chbosky, Andrew Smith, Leigh Bardugo, Ann Stampler, Marie Lu, Gretchen McNeil, Lex Thomas, Morgan Matson, Sara Wilson Etienne, Jessica Brody, Jennifer Bosworth, and Carrie Arcos. Sadly Glenn Olsen could not make it, but he affirms that he'll be there next year! Traditionally published YA authors who are interested in attending next year's event should probably contact Courtney

I didn't get a lot of photos (the lighting was a bit dark in the auditorium), but David blogged about the event here.

Gretchen McNeil, Jessica Brody, Lex Hrabe and Thomas Voorhies

Andrew Smith, Lex Hrabe, and Thomas Voorhies + moderator :) Just the boys!

I couldn't get the last panel photo with Suzanne Lazear, Jennifer Bosworth, Leigh Bardugo, and Lex Thomas -- the sun kept streaming through the window behind them and I couldn't make out the faces on most of the photos, so I deleted them. Sigh!

I came away with a copy of Winger by Andrew Smith--which won't be released until Tuesday!--Quarantine by writing duo Lex Thomas, and Jessica Brody's Unremembered. I also picked up Jessica's 52 Reasons to Hate My Father. I'm really glad they had the paperback--I hated the hardcover art! The paperback is way cuter... actually all of the new paperbacks of her books have better covers than before! If you're looking for summer beach reads, look no further. 

If you had to get just one book, I'd say go with Winger
Unless you don't like having feelings.

What's in your book stack this week?

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  1. do i like having feelings? not sure...

    glad you had fun. sorry i had to miss it but i was doing bridesmaids duty. i totally want to try and go next year. and awesome that there are guy authors there. i know they exist but it feels like many of these events are heavily female. and i know andrew smith is always cool.

    i'll have to drool over your books the next time i see you.

  2. *gasp* SO MANY AMAZING AUTHORS! For a second I thought this was in Ontario, Canada and I was about to bang my head on the wall for not knowing about it and not going, but *phew* that isn't the case. I've heard a ton of things about Winger, but I'm not much into comedy books.. I heard this is a comedy? :P

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  3. Dark comedy if anything, Juhina. All of the Andrew Smith books I've read so far involve horror and crying.

  4. I know! There were guy teen readers too. It was like sighting a bald eagle. Wish more people would listen to Andrew who contends male readers are not scarce, that boys DO read. They read and write as much as any girl and love for books is human, not feminine.

  5. I did! Was getting a little heat-stroke later in the day but worth it.

  6. or a unicorn! hahaha. but i agree that reading is universal. sure there are guys who don't like to read but there are definitely girls who don't like to either. the perception that reading is not cool for boys might be keeping some of them from following that passion. my goal is to spread the love of reading to everyone, not just boy or girls.