26 April, 2013

Uncovered (5): If I Stay

Hello! Welcome to Uncovered, a weekly cover love post that I usually do on our adult book blog, Nite Lite Book Reviews. I cross post it here if I feature a YA book so that you guys can chime in as well. Let's see what we have this week.

Today on Uncovered, I have an older cover. I had the pleasure of seeing Gayle Forman speak at my local library this week and it reminded me of this awesome cover to If I Stay. Now this is the original hardcover. The paperback edition is very different matches the cover to the sequel, Where She Went. While I like the new paperback cover, I like this one more. There's just something about it. It's so simply and pretty. It doesn't look like your typical YA novel and it stands out on the shelves. There's something lonely looking about it with the single flower, but it's also very beautiful and serene.

That's my pick for this week. Has everyone but me read this book already? I plan to get to it soon, I swear!


  1. I definitely like this cover the best. The others are either creepy (face staring upward) or boring (girl twirling around).

    It's a short book and a fast read, so you really have no excuse!

  2. I really love this cover. I wished the second book had a similar cover but they had to go and change it.

    great pick,
    Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  3. everyone has confirmed that i am the last person not to read this book. i better get on it!

  4. i know, i love the original so much. the new ones looks very "ya."