02 April, 2013

The Mortal Instruments at WonderCon

Hello, dear friends. Good to see you again. Today I am doing a brief post about The Mortal Instruments panel that I went to at WonderCon over the weekend. Let me warn you that these pics are alright at best and I took no notes, so I am going to try and remember as best I can some of the fun tidbits that I heard at the panel.

The panel was in the Arena (which is the biggest space I think at the Anaheim Convention Center). We thought we were going to have to get there super early to get seats but it was surprisingly not too full and we were able to grab good seats. The hall started filling in at that point though and, by the time the panel started, it was pretty full.

Panel started off with some questions by the moderator (writer from EW magazine). Cassie talked about how she didn't expect to be consulted about the movie after she sold the rights. But she asked for the casting director's number and they gave it to her. She in the casting director were in close contact over a period of months where she got to weigh in on the casting process which included watching audition tapes. She was also consulted in the look of the film was really involved in helping make the world a reality.

the cast of the mortal instruments

lily collins

Lily Collins was really great. I don't know much about her, having only seen Mirror, Mirror, but she was really well spoken and passionate about the movie and playing Clary. She said that she experienced a lot of emotional growth during the movie and that it will always remain special in her heart because of it. She also said that, while she wanted to be true to the character, she didn't focus too much on thinking about what people's expectations were of how Clary should be because that would only prevent her from being in the moment and really doing Clary justice.

jamie campbell bower

Jamie Campbell Bower was seriously hilarious. He was really fun and just seemed like he was having a good time. He said that his favorite character from the books was probably Isabelle. He thinks she is pretty badass.

kevin zegers

I don't know what rock I have been living under but I had no idea that Kevin Zegers was in this movie. I kind of loved him in The Jane Austen Book Club (yeah I own it). Anyway, Kevin was really cool and he talked about how all of the cast really bonded making this movie. He and Jamie got along really well and the cast was like family. He also talked about how the tattoos were kind of a pain and took several hours to put on each day.

cassie clare

The floor was then opened up to Q&A from the audience. A lot of people asked really specific questions about the book and series. I think some of the questions may have been a bit spoiler-y but Cassie kept it cool and didn't divulge anything. The best part was at the end of the panel when a woman came up and didn't have a question but wanted to introduce the panel to her son, Jace. So cute.

I was kind of on the fence about seeing this movie but, after watching the panel, I really want to see it. It just looks like a lot of fun and the cast and Cassie were so cool. It also makes me want to catch up on the series since I am a few books behind by now. Anyone else excited about The Mortal Instruments? The film hits theaters Aug 23, 2013. And if you're interested, we have a few more pics up on our FB page


  1. You know, the first book in this series is the only one I've read... it's not that I disliked it, just haven't picked up the rest... no good reason, maybe the movie will ignite a fire in me to finish the series XD
    (I even own them -_-)

    New follower here!


  2. i kind of eel the same way, heather. i have only read two books and usually i wait years in between reading them. i am supposed to read book 3 soon (and i want to) but now it's been like 2 years and i totally forgot what happened. haha maybe i will try to start up again before the film hits.