20 March, 2013

Pause Button

I am really looking forward to this weekend when I can finally read some books and write some reviews! And maybe catch some shut-eye which has been just so difficult to schedule in this past couple of weeks :( Too much to do!

Tomorrow I'll be at Barnes & Noble at the Grove in Los Angeles for these lovely ladies:

Cassandra Clare with Lily Collins ("Clary Fray")

It's going to be packed! If you're going, please read the Official Event Page for wristband rules.
- - -

Saturday morning, I'll be at Children's Book World for Ann Stampler's launch party for The Cats on Ben Yehuda Street. Don't forget to stop by Nightengail Art and There's a Book for the next two stops on the blog tour! We're also giving away a copy each of Cats and The Wooden Sword.

And *then* I'm cleaning my home office. Ergh.

And *then* I'm going to try to read a book I've been dying to read for a month now. Yikes.

Though I will probably be so worn out from all the excitement that I'll just fall asleep :/

So what are you up to this weekend? Follow my on Twitter & Instagram @frootjoos for books, books, and more books!


  1. have fun tomorrow. takes some pics! you can do a mini write up. (hint hint) wish i could go but shall be at work. going to make myself write some reviews for the blog this weekend. really i will. what book are you going to read that you've been dying to read?

  2. Siege and Storm! I especially want to read it b/c someone's waiting after me but I put everything else down last week to read our book club book which was... not horrible, but not awesome or I would have read it and/or finished it.

  3. I really (really, really) wanted to go to the event near me, but really only to see Sarah Rees Brennan. I just couldn't get it to fit into my schedule. Hope you had a blast! Feeling a bit jealous, but I can't be too jealous because they did visit here.

  4. STUNG looks like it may be a good book!

  5. siege & storm! awesome. i want to read that one so bad.