18 January, 2013

Uncovered (2): Sister Assassin (aka Mind Games)

Hi there! Welcome to Uncovered, a feature that we do over at our sister site Nite Lite, where we feature covers we love. I'll be cross posting occasionally on RNSL when I choose to feature a YA book cover. 

This week I have the UK edition cover to Kiersten White's upcoming release. The book is called Sister Assassin in the UK and Mind Games in the US.  Most of you have probably seen the cover to the US version. I recently found the UK cover and immediately fell in love with it. While I like the US cover, this one is much more my style. I always love the illustration based covers and I love the stark black and white image. It has a real sketch quality to it. There is something really sinister and compelling in their expressions. And is it just me or do they remind you a bit of Alexis Bledel (left) and Christina Ricci (right)?  

I don't know who the artist is on this one, but it reminds me a lot Joey Hi-Fi's work. It has a similar feel to Blackbirds, a previous book on Uncovered. If any of our friends in the UK get a copy of this and could let us know, that would be great. My attempts at finding it keep bringing up pages on Assassin's Creed. :)

Comment question*: Do you prefer the US cover or UK? 

*comment question totally inspired by Lauren at 365 Days of Reading


  1. I'm the opposite-I prefer the colors on the US cover compared to the starkness of the UK.

  2. I like both, but I prefer the US one. The UK one looks a bit middle-grade-ish.

  3. Kim Aippersbach1/21/13, 2:01 PM

    Definitely prefer the UK cover, but I think Mind Games is a better title.