21 December, 2012

Uncovered (1): The Madman's Daughter

Good morning! Welcome to Uncovered, a feature that was started over on our adult book review site Nite Lite. For me, a cover can often sway me to pick up a book or avoid it like the plague. I just love seeing new covers and it helps me get excited about a book. So Uncovered is just my way of sharing that cover love with the world. It won't be a regular feature over here, but I will be cross posting when I feature a cover on Nite Lite that falls into the YA/MG/children's category. 

Today we are featuring the cover to The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd. This is a historical YA novel coming out in Jan 2013. Even though this one does feature a girl in a dress, it's not your typical YA cover. It definitely has a Gothic feel to it. The girl's dress looks fairly plain but broken up with the bright splash of color on her sash. The water looks still but it's dark and the clouds look ominous. I want to know what she's doing by the water. Is she going to jump in? Is something coming out? Plus, the title is great and makes me want to read it right now

Is anyone else as intrigued by this cover as I am? The Madman's Daughter will be released by Balzer + Bray on Jan 29, 2013. 


  1. I'm cautiously excited about this one-I'm getting an early copy through Amazon Vine and hoping to love it!

    1. ooh lucky you! you will have to tell us what you think once you've read it.