15 December, 2012

Princess of the Silver Woods - Review

Publication Date: 11 December 2012 by Bloomsbury
ISBN 10/13: 1599906465 | 9781599906461
Category: Young Adult Fantasy/Fairytale Retelling
Keywords: Robin Hood, Fairy Tales, Myths
Formats: Hardcover
Source: NetGalley

Kimberly's review:

This is the third book in the series, the last one, the story to tie up all loose ends. Seeing as I haven't read any of the other ones before, I was afraid I might get lost. Thankfully, the history and mythology is carefully explained and it's a twisted history indeed!

Petunia, the youngest of the twelve dancing sisters, is abducted by a "wolf" in the forest, a young man with the mask of a wolf. She finds him to be Oliver, an earl who has lost his land, and has been reduced to robbing passing coaches. Oliver swears to get her to her destination, but when he drops her off at the gates, he realizes that something is wrong and Petunia is in more danger than she realizes. Fairy tales and myths combine for a very cute story.

I really liked the mythology and the history. I think it would have been better to follow the journey from book one, but I didn't have any problems following the thread. It was interesting and imaginative, these interwoven fairy tales. I like Petunia, but she is sixteen so a couple times I rolled my eyes at her. A lot of the book is spent with her eleven sisters, all named after flowers. I'm sure it is hard to write a story about the twelve dancing princesses, but honestly, most of the time I was confused by them. None of them really stood out with a distinct personality. They all blended together.

This goes the same way for Oliver, his band of thieves, and the sisters' husbands. I didn't feel a real connection to any of them. I may have had a different experience if I had read the series from book one.

Overall, The Princess of the Silver Woods is fun and a clever twist on the stories of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood. Fans of fairy tale retellings will enjoy this romp through the forest.

*I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This, in no way, affected my opinion or review of this book.

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