08 December, 2012

Essence Breaking Dawn Pt 2 Swatches

Hello, friends! Today I am very excited to show you the Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 nail polish swatches. I love nail polish and makeup and am a total sucker when movie and book theme collections come out. Essence came out with a whole line for Breaking Dawn Pt 2. I picked up all of the nail polishes and, because I love you guys, a few extra items for a blog giveaway. If you want more information on the collection, check out the Essence website here. Beware that this post is pretty pic heavy. And apologies if I go into too much nail polish speak, but I am sure you understand. :)

Alice Had A Vision

First up is Alice Had A Vision, a really pretty glass fleck glitter. It has a purple base with lots of pretty blue and purple glitter. This is two coats. It was a bit sheer and not pretty on the first coat but the second coat evened it out. 

Jacob's Protection

Next up we have Jacob's Protection. Let me just say that these names really crack me up. Anyway, this one is similar to Alice Had A Vision except that it's a blue/black base with blue glitter. Again, it was bit murky and sheer on the first coat but the second made it all better. 

Edward's Love

Edward's Love is another glass fleck glitter with a black base and grey/silver glitter. It also seems to have a little bit of a gold cast. Again, this is two coats.

A Piece Of Forever

The last polish in the collection is A Piece of Forever. I guess a piece of forever looks like a frosty gold. This was probably my least favorite out of all of them. It's a bit too warm for my liking and too frosty. On the right skin tone it might look good but it wasn't my cup of tea. This is two coats.

Overall I thought the polishes were worth the $2 each I spent on them. The glitters were a little thick but they were workable. A little thinner might make them easier to apply. I enjoyed the glitters. None of them are super unique though Alice Had A Vision is quite pretty and probably my favorite out of this collection. And I got a kick out of the Breaking Dawn factor. I think this collection was only available Ulta and I really doubt you'll be able to find it anymore. But we're going to hook you up with a giveaway very soon.

Thanks for meandering with me down nail polish lane. For more pics of these polishes, go to our Facebook album.  Does anyone else love themed collections as much as me?

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