28 November, 2012

Pinoy Book Blogger Meetup

Who: Book Bloggers (and hey, blog readers too)

What: Hanging out. Coffee. Food and whatever. Oh yeah, books!

Where: Meeting in front of Fully Booked - Greenhills

When: Saturday, Dec. 22 at 4:30 pm

Why: Why not?

My husband and I are visiting the Philippines for Christmas. I am so happy I'll be seeing my family! But it's also a chance to see part of my favorite online community, the book bloggers and their readers. You don't have to be a YA blogger (any book blogger is welcome) and you can be a YA reader too.

We'll probably meet and then find somewhere with food/coffee... whatever. Yep.

I do speak Tagalog, so.... yeah. I might be a little rusty. We'll see.

Please tweet #PinoyYABloggers and let people know about it.

If you think you will be attending, leave a comment/link or tweet @frootjoos.

If you're a Stateside Pinoy blogger and you can't come... leave a link anyway, haha!


  1. Wish I could be there, but I'll be home in Canada for the holidays and won't be visiting Phils. this year. As a book blogger, I'll be there in blogger-spirit! What a great idea! Have a great time!

    Zara @ The Bibliotaphe Closet

  2. i wish i can be there and meet you all. but alas, i'm home at home on oahu. maligayang pasko sa inyong lahat :)

    btw, any ilocano bloggers out there?

  3. What? Blog readers too?? Yey! But, I can't be there, I am like miles away from the meeting place. Have fun! This is such a good idea though.

    sleepguru - http://www.sleepguru.com/blog/