25 October, 2012

Author Event - YA Rising Stars at B&N Americana

all the books!

Hello again! I am super behind on my event recaps, but I am trying to catch up. The YA Rising Stars event took place last month on Sept 22 at the B&N Americana in Glendale, CA. This was an event organized by Bridge To Books and featured authors Allen Zadoff (Since You Left Me), Ann Stampler (Where It Began), Carol Tanzman (Circle of Silence), Jesse Andrews (Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl), Kathy McCullough (Don't Expect Magic), Lisa M. Stasse (The Forsaken), Lissa Price (Starters), and Sherry Shahan (Purple Haze).

Since there were so many authors, the event was split up into two panels with signings between each panel and after. The first panel consisted of Ann Stampler, Lissa Price, Allen Zadoff, and Jesse Andrews.

ann stampler, lissa price, allen zadoff

jesse andrews

This was a really fun panel. Allen Zadoff is super funny and I love hearing him talk. Jesse Andrews is a new to me author (though I've been lusting after his book) and he was really funny as well. I am sorry this recap is somewhat vague but I think I was laughing too much to take good notes. Someone did ask the authors about their feelings on what libraries mean to them. Zadoff said that he spent a lot of time as a teen hiding in the library and that it was a safe refuge for him. Ann Stampler shared the really cool story of how her parents met on the steps of the Syracuse Public Library. She also said that she was hiding in the library once (I think to read books that kids her age weren't allowed to read) and was there for so long that she got stuck and an ambulance had to be called to get her out. Wow.

More talking. Books were signed. And then it was time for the second panel, which consisted of Sherry Shahan, Kathy McCullough, Carol Tanzman, and Lissa Stasse.

panel 2

carol tanzman & lissa stasse

sherry shahan, kathy mccullough
The authors started off by telling the audience a little bit about what inspired them. Sherry said that her book Purple Haze was inspired by letters that she found from the 60s that had been sent to her by a friend while he was in Vietnam. She actually had one of the letters with her, which was really cool to see. Lissa Stasse was inspired by a dream. In it, there were people in dark robes with knives. A couple of days later a friend was taking the SATs and how it felt like they were going to determine your entire life. She started to wonder what would happen if a test did determine your whole life. 

They talked about books covers for a bit and Carol Tanzman said that she loved the cover to Circle of Silence, but that the original cover had a very small title font. She asked them to make the title a bit bolder, which they did.   

Lissa Stasse said that there were no changes to the cover of The Forsaken and that she loved it. It's a mix of illustration with double exposure photography, which is really striking. 

More books were then signed and cookies were eaten. Yes, we raided the cookie table and it was so good. Bridge to Books also gave away two booster box sets to a middle grade school and a high school. I am sure those kids will be excited to get a huge box (or boxes) of books. 

So that's the recap. If you'd like to see a few more pictures, please visit the Facebook album for the event. Stay tuned in the next week for recaps of Libba Bray and Heather Brewer signings. Thanks for visiting!

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