14 August, 2012

Onyx is finally here!

Hi, everyone! It's finally here. Yes, Onyx is now released into the wild. If you loved Obsidian as much as I did then I know you having been anxiously awaiting for Onyx's release. I pre-ordered my Kindle copy and it came last night. Unfortunately I am in the middle of another book so I am going to have to wait a bit to read this one. But I am so excited that it's finally here. I need more Daemon and Katy!

To help get you in the Daemon state of mind, check out this awesome Onyx book trailer by the talented VLC Productions.

Visit the author online at jenniferarmentrout.blogspot.com and follow her on Twitter @jlarmentrout


  1. Is it bad that I haven't read Obsidian yet? XD *dodges pots and pans*

    1. it's not bad, isabelle. but now it means that you should go get it and read it. you're lucky because you won't have to wait for book 2 like the rest of us did.