24 July, 2012

Blogger Dramarama

I try not to post much about my personal life here unless it has to do with books or author events in some fashion. So sorry for this departure. It's not all directly book related.

But if any of you guys know me at all, you would know that I hate drama. I hate starting it. I hate getting embroiled in others' drama. So when drama comes knocking, I retreat into my shell.

Not like this guy:

He doesn't like drama either, but he usually goes after it with a katana.

There's been a lot of drama in the last few weeks regarding ARCs, greedy bloggers, angry librarians, paid bloggers, Goodreads bullies, indie authors... it's enough to turn me off blogging completely. Several times this month I've thought to myself, What if I just stop? Wouldn't that be lovely? I could still see my author pals and read lots of books (actually, more books! since I will not have to stop every so often to blog about them) and not read other blogs unless I know the author personally. It was really, really tempting.

*deep breath*

But the thing is, I was a bookseller for almost 14 years. You can't just turn something like that off. I can't just quit recommending books cold turkey. Connecting people with books and other cool stuff (like tv shows and artists and movies) makes me happy. Getting excited about stories and authors makes me happy. I can't let a few bad, overdramatic eggs spoil all that for me. 

I have unfollowed some people that I think are just toxic to my environment at the moment. I'm sad because they are people I admired. 

So, that's it. I'm going to keep on keeping on. I'll recommend books and bookstores and tell you in advance about cool author events. And if you have any drama for me, keep it to yourself, or else be studiously ignored by me.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog ;)

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. Over the past couple weeks I've debated quitting blogging altogether. But I realized I couldn't just up and quit. So now I'm back to blogging because I love to read - not for anything else. Good for you for remaining drama free, and I for one am glad you're not going anywhere!

    1. Aww, thanks, Bekka! Glad you stayed in too. And if any drama comes around, we have a delete key. *press*

    2. I too feel like I'm starting to get more than a bit burnt out on blagging, tbh. I'm happy you're sticking around, and that you've cut the toxic people out of your life. Yay you for doing the right thing. /hug

  2. thank you for keeping on blogging

  3. Thanks for keeping up the blog. I go to it several times a week. I've always enjoyed how to rate the books, Stay Up All Night etc. :)


  4. you know how i feel about drama. so lame. drama free all the way!

  5. A- good post.
    i agree.
    drama= delete key.

  6. As long as the drama doesn't involve me, I just stay away from it. I read it here and there, but then it doesn't really affect me unless I let it.

    Don't stop blogging :)

  7. Very well said! I for one am tired of it all and glad to hear I'm not the only one who has had to say goodbye to a few people due to excessive drama filled twitter & blog streams. It's sad, but who needs it?

    I'm so happy you won't be going anywhere! It gives me the encouragement I need to keep going as well. Lets keep bringing the positivity and attention these authors & books need and deserve! :o)