26 June, 2012

Day 4 ALA

Waiting for Macmillan to give away display copies.
Little Z got happy with some glitter.
Macmillan rep graciously let her play--so heartwarming!
Took this snapshot for my friend Deezy, Slake aficionado
Eugene Yelchin signs Won Ton and Breaking Stalin's Nose
Day 4 Book Haul - I bought quite a lot in addition to the ARCs I picked up.
Irish Nachos at Bruxie in Old Town Orange
Aly got the Nutella and bananas waffle at Bruxie.
Next time, I think I'll try the Green Eggs & Ham.
Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman giving a hilarious thank you thank you speech speech simultaneously
accepting their Printz honor award for Why We Broke Up. They also performed a song!
John Corey Whaley accepting his Printz award

You can find the whole ALA Annual 2012 album here.

If you attended, I'd love to see your photos--please post a link in the comments!


  1. ooh i love food and books! it's like my holy grail (well add some knitting and chocolate). looks like you had an awesome last day. wish we could have spent more time there as well. ridiculous haul post coming soon. printz awards = awesome!

  2. Replies
    1. LOL! Yeah are you free Thursday? DM me! ;)