23 June, 2012

Day 1 ALA

Met some awesome librarians, was recognized in the wild by 4 authors/illustrators which totally impressed the hell out of said librarians.

You can find the whole ALA Annual 2012 album here

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  1. Question???
    I'll be leaving for ALA soon and I was just wondering how do you carry all those books, is it how many you can fit in your bag? How do you carry all those books cause books are heavy? Is it true you can take a suitcase and check it in and keep coming back to drop off books? I heard people did this for BEA but I don't know about ALA? Did you pay for the $25 exhibit only pass? Sorry but this is my first ALA and I dont really know much about it. I would really appreciate if you could email me back at nereyda1003@gmail.com