28 May, 2012

A read-a-long of Ice and Fire

I am all. over. this.

I've been stuck on Feast for Crows for a long while now thanks to the audiobook producers' mistakes. Yes, I blame them!

But this read-a-long sounds fun and just the thing to get me out of my FFC funk. 

Here's what Pam says on bookalicious.org:
We will begin reading the first book A Game of Thrones in July. For bloggers there will be a weekly topic as we read and a linky posted so that we can all keep up with each others progress. I don’t know about you guys, but I could use a heartwarming community building event this summer. Those who are not book bloggers are welcome to join! You may ignore the weekly topics or post your thoughts in the comments!
Well, there you go! Sign up here.

I'm hoping to finally revive our Podcast series on ASOIAF.

And also make lots of nifty related icons. <3


  1. oooh i might join this. it was one of my goals to read GoT this year.

  2. yay! thanks and welcome.