14 March, 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games Swatches Pt. 1

why hello there, beautiful

"With THE HUNGER GAMES about to begin, Capitol citizens can show their support for their chosen district through China Glaze®’s exclusive Capitol Colours nail polish collection. The collection combines rich crèmes, soft shimmers and bold glitters to create the limited edition 12 shade nail polish collection inspired by the most anticipated movie release of the year."
Those of you who know me in real life know that I have a few loves in my life. They are reading, knitting, cake/pie, pugs and nail polish. A few months ago when I heard that China Glaze would be releasing a collection of nail polish inspired by The Hunger Games, to be released with the upcoming film, I was ecstatic. Not one for moderation, I ordered the whole collection a week ago and got them the following Friday. 

I had a little swatching party this weekend so that you could all see what these colors look like. Not everyone reads nail polish blogs like me (yes, they exist!) so we hope that our swatches help you in deciding what colors to pick up. Some of these photos might be a bit blurry, but bear with us. Also, please excuse me if I go into some nail polish lingo while describing these colors to you. I can't help it. I am a polish geek.

We're breaking up the swatches into a few posts and then, at the end, we'll be holding a giveaway where you can win some for yourself. Thanks and enjoy!

Agro (District 11 - Agriculture) is a warm, medium metallic green with gold undertones. I am a sucker for greens and this is no exception. It took 2 coats to become opaque and was a bit brush strokey, but it evened itself out. 

Dress Me Up (District 8 - Textiles) is a really pretty, dusty mauve creme. When you first look at it, it may look sort of grandma-y but it's surprisingly flattering and pretty. It took 2 coats to reach opacity. 

Foie Gras (District 10 - Livestock) is a dusty medium purple creme with brown undertones. Given its name, I actually expected this to be darker and more brown than it is. Then again, it's been awhile since I've had foie gras so maybe it really is this color. This one was a little runny but I was able to get by with 2 coats. 

Hook And Line (District 4 - Fishing) is a frosty medium gray metallic polish. This was one of my least favorite of the bunch, which is sad because District 4 is my district. This one is just super frosty and had some serious brush stroke issues. It was also a bit runny though I did only use 2 coats here.

Riveting (District 3 - Technology) is a really beautiful warm glass fleck orange. I am not sure what this color has to do with technology but it's gorgeous and bright. 2 thin coats used here.

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Luxe And Luxury (District 1 - Luxury) is an iridescent shard polish that is best used as a top coat. It takes a little practice putting it on without getting random globs of glitter but it's not hard. It reminds me of the many facets of a diamond or other glittering jewel. Here you can see it layered over several other colors from the collection.

on top of hook and line

on top of foie gras

on top of agro

on top of mohoganie
That's all we have for today. What do you think? Have you picked up any colors from the collection yet? Check back tomorrow for swatches from the rest of the collection! 

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  1. Can't wait to go get some of these...now, which one to wear to the midnight showing! lol. Thanks for sharing! :-)

    1. i know, right? there are so many good ones that will might be hard to decide.

  2. Oh man, I am a huge nail art person. My nails are never ever ever not done. I've been thinking about my Hunger Games nails and what I'll be doing for them.

    I really love Riveting, it gorgeous. I agree though, that Hook and Line has been done before and you can get much prettier silvers than that one.

    So nice to see another nail polish enthusiast from the book blog world!

    1. yay for another nail person! my nails aren't done at the moment but i love having fun nails. i have to decide what color i am going to wear to the hunger games movie.

  3. Heh, it's funny to see these posted. My friend works for them and because she worked on the The Hunger Games project she was about to go to the movie PREMIERE on Monday night (you know, with the red carpet and everything).

    I'm so VASTLY jealous of her. I can't wait for the movie to come out - it should be awesome. But I love, love, love the natural tones that this collection has :)

    1. omg that is so cool that your friend works for china glaze. that sounds kind of awesome. the premiere looked like so much fun! i know someone who went, too. totally jealous.

    2. We should have kicked them in the shins and run off giggling with their tickets ;)

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I've been DYING to get those! Unfortunately, they're not in my price range. But I will buy at least one some day. So beautiful. ;_;

    I'm nail polish-obsessed bookperson, haha. :D And this collection is like a dream come true or something!

    Agnieszka @ Nook of Books
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  5. I love these! I'm actually planning on getting the whole set when I get paid tomorrow so it was nice to get an advance review! :)

  6. I love nail polish...I just bought the District 12 ( Smoke and Ashes) but i'll be stocking up on most of the colors very soon.