03 February, 2012

Author Event - Megan Miranda at Vromans

Hello again! The RNSL team was lucky enough to be able to attend the Megan Miranda signing at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena last week. Megan was there to sign her newly released book, Fracture. Look at that gorgeous cover!

Megan was a bit late due to L.A. traffic, which people from out of town tend to underestimate. There a good crowd there. The event did start a bit early at 6 pm and most of us actually had to leave work early to make it on time. Megan arrived, a bit breathless but she was very excited and animated. She started off with a brief talk about the evolution of the book and her background in writing.

She said that she always loved writing but, over time and as life happened, it fell to the wayside and became something that she used to do instead of something she did. One evening, after a particularly frustrating day, her husband came home and (to alleviate the tension) asked her how that book she was writing came along. Megan started writing again that night. Fast forward a few months and Miranda finishes the first draft of Fracture. Then comes the process of finding an agent. Megan said that she had to rewrite the book twice and that only the first four sentences of the original draft made it into the final cut!

Megan was gracious enough to answer questions from the audience and signed her books afterwards. Also in attendance were authors Lissa Price and Laurisa White Reyes. Price's book Starters and Reyes's book Rock of Ivanore will both be coming out later this year.  Alethea randomly had an ARC of Starters with her and was able to get it signed. All in all we had a fabulous time. Megan was super fun and sweet and we love Vroman's. 

Check out some pics from the event below. 

Megan reading from the first few pages of Fracture
A & K with their copies of Fracture
Have you read Fracture yet? Were you at the event? We'd love to hear your thoughts on Fracture or the event. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Visit the author online at www.meganmiranda.com and follow her on Twitter @MeganLMiranda


  1. Yay! Megan Miranda. You guys are so lucky to meet her. Fracture was a great read!

  2. Wow, fantastic! I recently read Fracture and I really enjoyed it. I wish I could meet the author. :)

    Thanks for sharing - please visit me sometime and enter my giveaway. :)
    Stephanie @ Stepping Out of the Page

  3. I haven't read Fracture yet- but it is on my list! I would love to read it. The event sounds like fun. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures and hearing about the day!