07 January, 2012

The Juliet Spell - Review

The Juliet Spell by Douglas Rees

Publication date: 27 September 2011 from Harlequin Teen

ISBN 10/13: 0373210396  |  9780373210398

Category: Young Adult Fiction/Fantasy

Keyword: Time Travel, Shakespeare, Romance, drama

Format: Hardcover, ebook (received for review from netgalley.com)

Kimberly's Review:

I wasn't sure what to expect from The Juliet Spell. I had read a few mixed reviews, but wanted to keep an open mind as the premise seemed like so much fun. High school. Romeo. Juliet. A spell gone wrong. Sounds like a farce to me!

The Juliet Spell is a fun story about a girl, Miranda, who wants to the part of Juliet so bad, she casts a spell to make it happen. Instead, she finds a young man named Edmund sitting on her dining room table, who happens to be Will Shakespeare's brother! Just go with me for a second on this...

The story revolves around casting and performing of Romeo and Juliet, and all the problems a teenager may have if she found herself with said "cousin" from the 1500s in today's age. Edmund doesn't know how he got there and neither does poor Miranda who introduces her new "cousin" to her friends in and classmates.

Edmund is easy to like. I loved his language, his personality and his voice. He is constantly in fear and awe of everything, including girls. Edmund's dialogue is hilarious and I could really feel the awkward pacing of his language when he's speaking to today's teenagers. Enter Drew and Bobby, friends of Miranda and fellow actors. I especially liked Drew, strong, smart and quiet Drew whose personality really stood out from the others. Miranda is a typical teenager for me. She whines and obsesses. I can't say I liked Miranda. She was ok, but didn't seem to be solid enough for me.

The book has some funny bits, but towards the end I was getting a little restless. I didn't care for the ending, a little to wrapped up for me. Overall, The Juliet Spell is a fun story, reminding me of my drama class days. You know, without the time travel.

Visit the author at http://otterlimits.org/doug and follow him on Twitter @DougReesWriter

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  1. Never heard of this one but kind of reminds me of the premise for that meg Ryan Hugh jackman movie awhile back. Great review!

  2. This does sound like a lot of fun. Too bad the ending is rushed though I hate when that happens. Seems too unrealistic. But I still like the premise in this one! Great review Kimberly!

    Xpresso Reads

  3. I thought this book was cute enough; not my favorite but Drew was dreamy and I was fine spending an afternoon with everyone.

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