13 December, 2011

Winter Wishlist - Week 2 (3)

A seasonal meme hosted by yours truly! http://bit.ly/wntrwish11 for more info--join in the geeky fun!

Week 1: Write about Books or Bookish Things that you would love to get.
Week 2: Write about Books or Bookish Things that you would love to give.
Week 3: Write about a charity/nonprofit/community group that works with books and/or literacy.

Winter Wishlist - Week 2
Books and Bookish Things I'd Love to Give

For your good buddy who loves books AND nature--these nifty Green Marker grass bookmarks! Backed with 3M Post-It adhesive, these won't damage your books and come 75 to a pack.

I have quite a few friends (not to mention myself) who will look pretty cool (well, in geek terms, anyway) with this great tote bag. I saw this one at Mrs. Nelson's in La Verne. They ship, too!

Now for the books! 

I'll be posting suggestions for every type of reader throughout the week.

Your favorite dystopian reader will love these:

Pair the first two with survival kits, and the last one with chocolate & coffee :)

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