05 December, 2011

Winter Wishlist - Week 1 (1)

A seasonal meme hosted by yours truly! http://bit.ly/wntrwish11 for more info--join in the geeky fun!

Week 1: Write about Books or Bookish Things that you would love to get.
Week 2: Write about Books or Bookish Things that you would love to give.
Week 3: Write about a charity/nonprofit/community group that works with books and/or literacy.

Winter Wishlist - Week 1
Books and Bookish Things I'd Love to Get

I'm not saying you need to get me these things--I just want to give you an idea of what your book-loving, novel-reading, fiction-addicted geek friends *might* want to get for the holidays, or just any old day.

Let's start with Bookish Things!

First of all, since I never go anywhere without a book, I'd totally love one of these Nerdy Book Club totes:
Nerdy Book Club Tote by Tom Angleberger
Inevitably I go out with one book (and maybe my Kindle) and come back with another half-dozen or so books. I just can't help myself. Hence the need for a roomy and lightweight, machine-washable tote.

Bookmark pads by KnockKnock
Also, because I've somehow become extremely disorganized and forgetful in my not-so-old-age, these Bookmark Pads (which come in 4 styles and in pads of 25 bookmarks) would be great for books I plan on discussing with others, as opposed to just myself... hrm, maybe it'd help me get a lot more reviews up if I remembered to take notes while I was reading. *writes a note about it on the back of some junk mail*

I keep my books on Ikea "Ivar" shelves, which are great, because they're modular and I can reformat the shelves however I want... but not so great, because the side panels are open and you typically need bookends to keep the second layer (you know, that layer of books you pushed back because you ran out of room? don't you have that?) from spilling out the sides. Well, it wouldn't be much of a problem if I had these! Check out the excellent scrollwork... These were handmade by a guy from one of my favorite places on earth, New Jersey ;) You can find this set in his Etsy shop!

Now, on to the Books!

I'm an art geek as well as a book geek. If you want to explore graphic novels, Chris Ware is pretty much my point of reference for any visual storytelling. No one does it better! His work is so iconic that a few weeks ago when I visited Chicago, I felt as if the airport shuttle was driving right into one of the panels of Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth. If you have someone who is as much into graphics as into reading, you can't go wrong with this or any of his other books, sketchbooks, and publications. Some of them are hard to find... I'd check with the nearest comic shop. Trust me, they'll know whether they have 'em or not.

I've already read this, and I had a lot of fun meeting Maria V. Snyder's new character, Avry of Kazan, but I just totally LOVE the cover of the UK edition of Touch of Power. The US one is good, but this makes me shiver! 

This is the type of book I'd probably never buy for myself, but I really want to read it! It's loosely based on 50 Cent's childhood and speaks to the issue of bullying--from the perspective of a former bully!

I have Robin Wasserman's Skinned, but never really felt compelled to read it. The new covers (and titles) are pretty much irresistible to me, though!

Lost and Found by Shaun Tan... not a lot for me to say, but lots to see! I have his Tales from Outer Suburbia and really admire his style. I hope someday I can be as great an illustrator and artist as he is.

Don't get me this--my audible.com credits just kicked in today and I am SO totally getting this for myself. Swordspoint: A Melodrama of Manners is a Neil Gaiman production narrated by author Ellen Kushner, Dion Graham, ♥ Katherine Kellgren ♥ , Robert Fass, Nick Sullivan, & Simon Jones. Huzzah!

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  1. Those three series covers are stunning - incredible.

  2. Also, I just looked up Warm Bodies on Goodreads - added it to my "to read" list. Sounds pretty awesome.

    I'm reading Dearly Departed right now, which is kind of the same concept, but it's written with very high brow language. I'm loving it so far :) Thanks for the recommendation!!

  3. love that nerdy book club bag. want!

  4. I love this post. I think I want everything. Ahhh...book lovers are so easy to buy for. :-)

  5. Great post! I love that tote bag, and the bookends are awesome!