12 April, 2011

Take a Bow

taken yesterday
in The Simpsons
Google Street View

Google Street View

Aaron Alex Alfonso Amber Amy Anashe Andrew Andy Anthony Angela Ani April Armando Ayesha Becci Bill Brad Brent Brian Bridget Cassie Cindy Clare Claudia Corin Corinne Craig Cynthia Dale Daniel Danny David Dennis Diana Doug Drew Ed Eddie Elena Eric Erin Eugene Evan Gael Gail Galeen Gene Genona Gerald Gilbert Gina Glenn Hector Helen Henry Herman Holly Jane Jason* Jenifer Jenn Jennifer Jeremy JimmyJ Joey Josie Joyce Karly Kate Kasia Kristen Kylee Lawrence Leslie Linda Lindsey Lisa Lita Liza Lizette Maggie Maria Mark Mary Matt Maurice McGurr Megan Melanie Michael (all of the Michaels) Michelle Monica Nicole Opal Rachel Ray Rebecca Rene Robert Rosa Rose Roxana Ryan Scott Shawn Sona Stacey Stephanie Steven Tai Tom Tracy Travis Trevor TUCK Valerie Winston Zenia -- Thanks for everything.

If you see your name, though several people were named that at the store--I mean *you*. ;)
If I left your name off the list, leave a comment... I'll add you in later. I chalk it up to me being emotional and scatterbrained at 2 in the morning.

Authors and customers... I'll miss you too (most of you anyway).

*Married this one :D


  1. Diana, Holly, and Shawn! also Craig, Claudia,

  2. *sniff* feels like the end of an era.
    Similar thing happening here in Australia.