10 April, 2011

SoCal YA Book Bloggers

Don't get me wrong--I LOVE going to book events and meeting authors. But geez, I hardly get any time at all with the awesome readers and bloggers that attend these events with me.

I'd really love to set up some kind of meeting so that we can all just hang out together--but let's face it, even just the dozen people in my book club pushes the limits of my living room. We're gonna need a bigger boat. ;D

The cool thing is, if you want to join us, you can! Fill out this form and I'll keep you informed as we plan.

Edit: 4/14/2011: Our event now has a name! It's called YA in Bloom. Venue to be announced next week.

Link to the form: http://bit.ly/blogr4um
Link to the page where all the info will be posted: http://www.bridgetobooks.org/2011/04/ya-in-bloom.html

NOTE: Non-blogging readers also welcome--focus of meeting WILL be YA, though. So bloggers of non-book, non-YA, this event's not for you :/ sorry!


  1. I put that an author would be necessary for me to attend, but on second that, it wouldn't.

  2. Yes, yes, and yes! Count me in. Hopefully I can wrangle a friend or two to join me ;)