28 November, 2010

Meet Hilary Duff

Meet Hilary Duff when she signs Elixir at Borders Glendale

Who: Hilary Duff, author of Elixir and all-around super-star
What: Book signing & benefit day
Where: Borders Glendale, 100 South Brand Boulevard, Glendale CA 91204
When: Wednesday, December 1 at 7 pm
Why: It's World AIDS Day and Ms. Duff is appearing on behalf of LIFEBeat.org

So, this is a kind of last minute event, so much so that I don't know if I'll be able to go! I'm supposed to give a presentation at school the next day (*crai*) and, responsible me, I probably should be at home prepping instead of joining what will probably be a huge mob of people. ;(

I recommend coming early. I have been told that wristbands are required, and you can get one by buying a copy of Elixir at Borders Glendale on the day of the event.

If you bring in the LIFEbeat voucher, up to 25% of your purchases that day will be donated to the nonprofit organization. For more info, please visit their website.

If you have more questions, call the store at 818 241 8099!

See you there, I hope!


  1. http://www.peterdavid.net/index.php/2010/11/28/press-release-about-upcoming-appearance/ >> If you're in New York, you could go see PAD instead! I loved Peter David's TIGERHEART.

  2. I would love to meet Hillary! She looks so down to earth. I've wanted to read her book since I heard about it. Have you read it already? Is it good?