20 May, 2010

No reading here...

I'm halfway through Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell ...the meeting is this Sunday, which gives me a *little* bit of time to finish. In the meantime I've read The Prince of Mist and Dying to Meet You: 43 Old Cemetery Road which were both excellent (and much shorter)

and I met Lauren Myracle! She was super cool (again, a more comprehensive post when the semester ends. I have so much to tell you!)

I also hung out with Bob Boyle who drew in all of our Hugo and Wubbzy books... but I forgot to get a photo--sigh! It's ok, he'll be back for the Book Derby (aaaand... more info on that later).

I need to get through two final exams, one painting, seven drawings, 65 sketchbook pages, three prints, and two labs, then I'll be home free!!! (o_O) guh.

Until then, no reading for fun except when necessitated by book clubs. Wish me luck!

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  1. I've been curious about JS&MN...I hope you're liking it! It sure is a brick to get through if you don't...