28 April, 2010

Here Comes Awesome - LATFOB Redux

This weekend was LATFOB. Be patient, photos are loading:

I started the day with:

D.J. MacHale, Gordon Korman, Neal Shusterman, & a mysterious fellow in shades...

It was a beautiful day! Mystery Man signed my books--well, rather, his books. He also let slip that there will be a fourth book! (Uh-oh, were we supposed to know that? Erase, erase.)

So did Neal Shusterman. His daughter wanted to know what the heck he was writing in my book. Do you get it? (If you don't, it's all right--our next YA Book Club at Borders is reading this book. Go get it!)

I wanted to get books signed with Gordon Korman (but *someone* has neglected to return my 39 Clues books) and D.J. MacHale (but I haven't read Pendragon yet and I for some bizarre reason did not pick up his new book the day before). Color me unprepared.

Of course I had to plug my new favorite book on the What Are You Reading? graffiti wall.

 Look! I found Barry Zuckerkorn! (kidding, it's Henry Winkler, aka Progenitor of Awesome)

I also found Wubbzy! Well, creator Bob Boyle in a Wubbzy hat, anyway. Here he is signing his new book, Hugo & the Really Really Really Long String. For more LATFOB photos, visit his blog.

Jason went to the Dave Eggers interview earlier in the day. We wrapped up the day with friends (Yenoki, Dale, and Michelle) at Panera. On our way back to the car we made what was meant to be a quick stop at Mystery & Imagination Bookshop--we almost ran out of time on the meter because of course, I had to raid the Bradbury section of the store, and Jason found a first-run You Shall Know Our Velocity! to add to his other 826LA purchases.

The next day, my (reading) gang: Damaris, Kate, and Jane met up for more Panera (I think I gained 3 lbs.) and got to the Fest quite late, so no panels for us. We did come up with a million ideas to better plan for next year. Here, see them planning and plotting? Crafty little chicas.

But I still ran into some of my favorite people: Mike & Maria, Alybee, and then it was off to the Mrs. Nelson's booth...

That's the line of people in front of me to see...

John Green & David Levithan (*swoon*) for all of two seconds. They complimented my shirt and what I really should have said when David said he disagreed, it depends on the movie, was: "Well, for Nick & Norah book vs. movie, Book WINS." Or something less lame-sounding, but I was too busy basking in their awesomeness to think of something lame let alone something clever. Ah, well.

Bonus, I ran into Gayle Forman and Jandy Nelson who were leaving just as John and David arrived--so for my 1 book buy of the whole Fest, I got The Sky Is Everywhere.

It's a tough choice, but I think I will read Will Grayson, Will Grayson, first. But even before that, I am going to go get a Legalize Gay t-shirt, so I DFTBA. (double-bonus: I have a gift card for American Apparel!)

I got there too late to see Kami Garcia's morning panel, or Katie Alender who was hanging out with Alybee by the YA Stage, but I did catch Margie Stohl looking like the rock star she is:

That's Tracy Trivas and Michael Reisman acting as author-ends... (you know, like book-ends, for authors... why aren't you laughing? ;D)

As if I was not already on book-overload (the time between LATFOB and staying up overnight to do inventory), we had Gayle Forman in the house at Borders Glendale! Janelle and Amy were among the attendees. More on this event when I've had the chance to sleep/catch up on schoolwork/sleep again. We were the last stop on the If I Stay Musical Tour and we confirmed (as if you didn't already know) that Gayle is made of Awesome!

Here I am with Gayle and Amber, our totally awesome General Manager. Gayle graciously signed a large pile of her books, for those of you who missed her performance: you can still snag a signed copy including her earlier titles! Also, keep your eye out for the companion novel to If I Stay, Where She Went.

On a side note, totally unrelated to LATFOB, I saw this while finishing up this post:

Then a click later:

Patrick Rothfuss, you are killing me.

I'm going to bed with Will Grayson. (The book. Get your mind out of the gutter!)


  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your pictures, as I'm hearing so many great things about this festival. Glad you had fun!

  2. Shusterman's drawing/note thing is awesome. *Envy*