09 February, 2010

Just Finished Gone

Out today:

Gone (Dream Catcher, #3)

Go get it! And if you haven't read Wake and Fade, you had better start with Book 1 (er, Wake) or you'll be completely lost. I have to warn younger readers--there are themes and devices such as alcoholism, sex, violence and oh, just a smattering of swear words. (Ok, a freaking lot of swear words. And whereas your mother and your English teachers may wish you to believe that such vulgar language is unnecessary, I can't imagine these books without them. I'll explain in my forthcoming review.)

Myself, I would have been reading this kind of thing at about age 11 or so (what can I say, I was a little advanced). Every reader is different, so choose your reading wisely for maximum enjoyment.

I can't wait to meet Lisa on Friday at Mrs. Nelson's! For her tour schedule, click here.

Review pending... I can't finish writing it before Lost comes on, so you will all just have to wait a minute. :D


  1. I was so excited to get this the day it was released and then my cat got sick (well, sicker) so I've been spending time at the vet every day for the past three days, and vet visits take so damn long that by the time I get home I'm too tired to want to do anything but go back to bed. On the plus side I now own used copies of Wake and Fade. Do you know if she'll be signing those as well, or just Gone?

  2. Thanks for the review! I definitely plan to read the first book of the series!