08 February, 2010

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (1)

Haven't done one of these in a while...

This Monday Meme is now hosted by Sheila at http://bookjourney.wordpress.com/.

Last week I finished:
The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey (audiobook)

This week I am going to try to finish:
Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
The Monstrumologist by Richard Yancey

I recently acquired:
Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers
The Chestnut King by N.D. Wilson... I'm a book behind, better get cracking! This is the 3rd book in the 100 Cupboards series.

Aly, Roxy, and I are heading to San Gabriel later this week to see Lisa McMann--I can't wait! I'll be picking up Gone in a few hours. (I'm trying to suppress a *squee* right now...) Visit Lisa's website to find her tour info.

- - -

I had my Japanese final last week; still picking up bits and pieces of my brain from where they seem to have exploded all over the living room, and waiting for my grade. So very little reading/reviewing in the last week.

I finally posted my Incarceron review. Not entirely happy with it (the review), since I don't think I captured the rapture I acutally felt while reading the book, and I can't relive it right now since I loaned the book to Jane... hmmm. Perhaps I'll revisit it later on.

I did finish reading Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (hilarious) and The Iron King (riveting), and I hope I can post the reviews for those this week.

Ok, I can't hold it back any longer--Squee!!!

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  1. Don't blame you for not being able to hold back the squee! *L*

    Looking forward to your review on The Iron King, as I really enjoyed that one. Loved Ash and Puck, but Grim was my favorite!

    BTW, I have an award for you here.