08 January, 2010

A Twitter Transcript, or, How to Get Your Domain Name to Work on Blogger

- - - THE PLAYERS - - -
Chrisbookarama: Blogger with troubles!
Bloggiesta: Blog improvement event extravaganza (with margaritas!)
Frootjoos: Blogger with relevant fix-it experience (!)


RT by Bloggiesta: @Chrisbookarama: I need some help! Someone familiar with blogger & domain names please DM me. Please! #bloggiesta

frootjoos: @Chrisbookarama Hi! what's the trouble? I went thru some shenanigans earlier this week with same. page not showing up?

(at this point, Fail Whale appeared on my screen for about 15 minutes. yikes!)

F: sorry! Getting fail whale. Email me at frootjoos at gmail or follow me so I can DM you.

C: I have a domain name but can't figure out how to replace my blogger address with it.

F: here's what I was going to say-Blogger Dashboard>Settings>Publishing tab>Switch to custom domain. then it gets a bit funky.
 below the orange line, right side click>Switch to advanced settings>click on Learn More link. 

C: Thanks. I'm at the funky bit.

F: DNS settings for your domain need to be updated first. Who's your registrar? Mine is godaddy.

C: Great! That's mine too.

F: ok, this is where it got funky. I updated the DNS, updated forwarding, waited... waited... waited... still not happening.
I went back to blogger, switched it all back to blogspot. view blog. hi blog! I missed you. then went back & did all over.
- voila! I basically turned it off on blogger, waited a few mins, then turned it on again. what is your url btw?

(at this point realized I could look at her Twitter profile. dur.)

C: That's the part that confused me. I updated the DNS to that ghs.google.com thing but it's not working.
I'm back to blogspot now too.
Right now I'm chris-book-a-rama.blogspot.com

F: this worked better with my blog than with another blog I manage w/c was already forwarding to ghs.google.com

C: Do you replace @ with ghs.google.com or put it beside it?

F: beside. leave the @.

C: That might be why! I'm going to try that.

F: ok! make sure you have the 4 A NAME listings also - @ - etc. They're on the page Learn More takes you to.

C: I need to do that

(At this point I tried to view her URL and got a Google 404 error instead of a totally blank page.)

F: You're getting closer! I get a 404, instead of zippo. update the 4 A NAME s, wait a bit, do over the blogger part once more.

C:  I don't see ANames just A (Host).

F: let me go look at mine. are you in Domain Manager or Total DNS?

C: Total DNS

F: ok! I see. Yes, it says A (host). If there is one that says 65. something-something, change that to one of the 216 #s from >
the learn more page. Then "Add a new record" until you have all 4 of the IP addresses updated. Then wait a bit. Redo blogger part.

C: Ok I did that. Now I'm getting a Google error page.

F: I only had to wait about 15 mins for my main blog, my bkclub one took hours!?! I don't know why.
ok, good. Go back to blogger. Switch Publishing back to blogspot. wait a minute. Switch it back to custom. see if it works?

C: Ok, maybe I'll wait awhile. Thank you soooo much! I really don't know what I'm going with this. :)  

F: I hope it fixes! It took me a bunch of trial and error. I think I'm going to repost our back&forth for my #bloggiesta

C: Thanks! Good luck!

F: I'm going to dr. appt for my thumb (long story) - if it's not fixed by the time I get back, let me know--will do diff. way!

C: OMG, OMG! It worked! I have a new domain name!!!! www.chrisbookarama.com Thanks @frootjoos #bloggiesta

F: yay!!!! hooray trial & error. I'm definitely posting this when I get home :) #bloggiesta success!

C: I'm sure it will help all the people out there like me :)

BloggiestaLoved the collaboration! @frootjoos Awesome. RT @Chrisbookarama That was a big accomplishment for me. Whew! #bloggiesta

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  1. If I ever decide to get my own domain name, I know where to go now. :) Thanks for posting this!

  2. That was fun to watch from the sidelines. Glad you both got it working.