31 December, 2009

2010-10-10-10-10... Followers Contest

Hey folks!

I'm kicking off the new year with a contest! Yes!

I have 10 books up for grabs to the first 10 people who can get 10 other people to follow my blog!

Rules rules rules:

1) Only get people to follow me who are really interested in reading book reviews--I mostly review YA and literary fiction (with a smattering of cookbooks and knitting), so if they're looking for the latest history & politics books, they'll be bored bored bored down here.

2) The contest is open to all followers but only 1 non-U.S. winner will win, as I can't afford to send books all over the world right now. We already got an International winner, so the contest is now only open to followers in the U.S.

(Also have had crappy luck mailing to some countries.)
So first, follow my blog!

3) Each of your 10 people has to do two things:
     - S/he must hit the Follow button on the right sidebar and sign in with Google Friend Connect
     - S/he must email me at frootjoos at gmail and say that [your name here] invited me! They need to tell me your name and email (so just in case we get more than 1 person with the same name, I won't mix up your entries). - or - they can tweet me (@frootjoos ) - or - they can comment below. (They could try smoke signals, too, but I can't guarantee you I'll see/understand them, so better just email/tweet/or comment.)

4) As soon as you become a follower, you can play too! Where's your 10 people? Hmm? ^_^

As soon as I get 10 emails with your name and email on it, I'll email you and announce you are a WINNAH! (Ahem. I mean, "winner".)

So, what will you win? Each winner will get one of these 10 books:

 Marked (House of Night, #1) Paperback Evernight (Evernight, #1) ARC
Brisingr (Inheritance, #3) Hardcover Devil's Kiss Hardcover

 The Awakening (Darkest Powers, #2) Hardcover After Hardcover Meridian Hardcover

The first winner gets to pick first and so on. So play fast!

Here's the shortlink, because I love 'em > http://bit.ly/rnsl2010contest

The contest ends as soon as 10 people have won, or 10 am on 1/10/2010--whichever comes first.

Having your own contest? Head over to Bookworming in the 21st Century for Link-a-Contest Thursday!

EDIT: Sunday, January 3, 2010 - 3:00 p.m. then at 11:00 p.m.

I'm happy to announce our first winner, Jessica Secret from Shut Up! I'm Reading!

Jessica won
The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1) ARC
Thanks to Maria G, Corinna M, Kate P, Aye.Me?, Kate, Melissa, Mizz Yasmin, Corrine L, Arya, and Shari for following me and helping Jessica win a book!

Our second winner, and the only International winner, is Aye.Me? from Reversing the Monotony!
The Forest of Hands and Teeth Hardcover
Thanks to weabsorbwordsbb, Kari, Natalie M, Lily, Donna, Tabitha, ZM, Ellen P, CGM, and Cam for following me and helping Aye.Me? win a book!

Drumroll, please... edited Monday, January 4, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Kristen of Bookworming in the 21st Century wins
 Strange Angels (Strange Angels #1) Paperback
Yay! Thanks to Sarah G, Jessica Secret, The Book Vixen, Kirthi, Katy F, Skyla, Tracey N, Willow Raven, findjessyhere, and omgitswendy for following me and helping Kristen win a book!

Who's next? EDIT Jan 11, 12:00 am - The contest has ended! Thanks to all the winners and players. There will be more chances to win books from me so check back again soon!


  1. Very unique contest!! Love the idea! I'm not entering the contest but will follow you! Great blog! :)

  2. The Book Vixen invited me, so I thought I would say a quick hello!

  3. Hi Julie, Hi Amy! Thanks for reading. I've got a lot of reviews and contests planned for this year, it's going to be great! Happy 2010 to you both...

  4. Book Vixen invited me, and I am following.

  5. I found your blog on Bookworking in the 21st Century, and I'm crazy about new book blogs, the more the better! I'm following you now, great blog :D I love the "10 books for 2010" idea :D


  6. I agree, this is a unique contest, I like it!! And you have great books to choose from (no history book buff here)!! Good luck everyone!

  7. Jessica Secret at Shut Up, I'm Reading invited me and I am following. Quick hello and happy new year to everyone as well.

  8. Ohh I'll have to have a go at this and see if I can be that one international winner!


  9. Hey!

    Aye.Me? referred me to this site to be a new follower. For some strange reason I can't access my email account right now so is this comment enough?

    Good luck to Aye.Me?


  10. Thanks everyone! I've updated the spreadsheet...

    Remember, once you become a follower you get to play too! :)

  11. Jessica Secret at Shut Up I'm Reading referred me to be a new follower, as well :)

  12. Aye.Me? herded me over this way for me to sign up and follow. =)

  13. Jessica Secret at Shut Up I'm Reading sent me here!
    So, I'm following.

  14. Ooh, Jessica Secret is getting close. She's up to 7! NOt long now...

    Thank you all for commenting, and I hope you enjoy the blog. I have about 4 reviews coming out this week!

  15. I'm loving the blog! I'm so glad you're having this competition for two reasons:
    1. I found your blog because of it
    2. There's a chance of getting a free book!

    I think I'm halfway? Well... five people have told me that they've emailed you anyway!

    Your follower count is definitely going up, either way!



  16. Hi! Jessica Secret asked me to follow. =)

  17. Here's the score as of right now:
    Jessica Secret = 9 (!!!)
    Aye.Me & Kristen are tied with 5 each
    The Book Vixen has 4.

    Thanks for playing, everyone!
    And remember, new followers get to play too :)

    I am cooking up some other events and contests as well, so stay tuned!

  18. Jessica Secret sent me here to follow and now I'm following. Thanks!

  19. Aaaaaaaand! Our first winner is Jessica Secret!
    Thanks for the followers, and congratulations. You get first pick of the books! Which one do you want?

  20. I Saw This Tweet On Twitter:@bookgoil Follow My Friend And Include My E-Mmail (dragonzgoil At Gmail Dot Com)http://bit.ly/rnsl2010contest And You Could Win Too!

    So I Followed The Link And Here I Am. Kool Contest You Are Having. Congrats on All Of Your Followers.

    I Am Following Your Blog.

    I Am Following You On Twitter (@skyla11377).

    I Tweeted About This Contest.


  21. I was directed over here by Aye.Me?
    I can't access my email account from the computer I am on though...

  22. I think I'm the 10th person for Aye.Me?

    Well she said on her blog that she thought she only needed one more person!


  23. Right you are! Aye.Me? is taking The Forest of Hands & Teeth, she is also our first and only International winner. So the contest is now for US entrants only. Sorry, guys elsewhere--maybe next contest!

  24. Kristen at Bookworminginthe21stcentury said I should follow you - so I am. Great reviews!

  25. Kristen at Bookworming In The 21st Century sent me =)

  26. Yay! Thanks, Mandy! I'll add you to her list... she's on her way to a 2nd book , lol!

  27. I'm another follower who came from Bookworming in the 21 st century :D though I know she already won.

  28. The Book Vixen sent me thebookvixen(at)gmail

    I am a new follower.
    Sue B

    Great contest.

  29. New follower..........
    Googlefriend'ed ya
    The Book Vixen sent me thebookvixen(at)gmail

    (I tweeted it to you as @tannawings)
    baypayments at yahoo dot com

  30. The Contest is over! Thanks to all the winners. 2 of my contest runners-up will receive 1 book each from the remaining prizes.

    Don't worry--there will be more chances to win free books from me!

    Thanks to everyone for playing and commenting.